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Seed Round started

Buy iVie now & get 20% on the presale price


Seed Round

150 BNB

Real life farming

Passive income

Life builder

Real life farming

Become the farmer of the future

iVie relies on a real life activity based on agriculture, by getting & holding iVie you impact the real world and start a real life business.

Passive income

The Ponzy killer

With iVie you start creating real wealth that does not just relies on blockchain activity, you become a shareholder of the ressource industry.

Life builder

Create a new model of society

By holding iVie you make sure your money is working for you and your kids future, the idea is to create real abundance from digital money.


What we'll do for the future

Phase 1

Seed round - iVie is opening the seed round to the public to early investors that would like to take part in the project enjoying a 20% discount on the presale price

Phase 2

Presale - The raised money will be used to build the perfect infrastructure interface for iVie to be top ICO of 2023

Phase 3

Marketing strategy is the most important at the start. We will strongly promote iVie to make sure we bring more and more people to work together for a better world

Phase 4

Exchange listing - iVie aims to be listed on solid and reliable exchanges. This way we gain exposure and more people could take part of iVie project

Phase 5

Real life activity will begin and iVie will start to rent or buy land to settle the agriculture business. Let’s start to grow our future

Phase 6

NFT platform will be created so investors will be able to buy titles of real plants that bring passive income by staking their NFTs


Token distribution

Symbol : IVIE

Total Supply : 1 000 000 000

Presale Allocation : 500 000 000

Pool Liquidity : 400 000 000

Locked Liquidity : 100 000 000

Presale AllocationPool LiquidityLocked Liquidity

Presale Allocation


Buy your IVIE

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